We are based at the School of Industrial, Informatics and Aerospace Engineering of the University of León, at Campus de Vegazana, in the city of León (Spain), which is based in the North-West of Spain.


Dr. Enrique Alegre-Gutiérrez

Associate Professor in Computer Science
Dpto. Ingeniería Eléctrica,
Sistemas y Automática Escuela de Ingenierías Industrial e Informática

Universidad de León

24071,León – Spain




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    By train

    León is well connected by train to other cities in Spain, including several high-speed train connections with Madrid every day. The train station is at walking distance to the city centre and the bus station. Find more information about train schedules here.

    By plane

    León is two hours away by train to Madrid, whose airport has connections with all the world.

    Close to León (1.5h by car), the Asturias airport, based on Avilés, has connections with several airports in Spain, including Madrid and Barcelona.

    León has also a small airport, which has connections with regular flights to Barcelona and Tenerife.