TOr Images in COntext-1K


This dataset is available upon request. Please, send us an email to the address with the following data:

  • Name of the Institution you are working on.
  • Brief description of the project in which the dataset will be used.
  • Objective of the specific research you want the dataset for.

Bear in mind that the request must be done from an email account from your institution. If you are a student, the request must be done by your supervisor in the mentioned Institution

Name : TOr Images in COntext 1k.
Acronym : TOICO-1K
Description : This dataset contains 101 images with a total of 1101 image regions documented inside the .json file. It contains images from five different Tor categories :
  • Drugs
  • Weapons
  • Money
  • Personal ID
  • Credit Cards
The labelling indicates bounding boxes (x,y,width and height), type of text (machine printed, handwritten), legibility and transcripted text among other data.