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Francisco Jáñez Martino


Francisco holds two Bachelor’s Degrees in Industrial Electronics and Automatic Control Engineering as well as Computer Science from Universidad de León. He furthered his academic journey by obtaining a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence from Universidad de Málaga.

Currently, Francisco is pursuing his Ph.D. in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity as a student at the Universidad de León, where he is an active member of the GVIS research group. His doctoral research is focused on addressing current cybersecurity challenges, including the detection and analysis of spam emails, the identification of fraudulent activities, and the spotting of persuasion techniques, all leveraging advanced technologies of natural language processing and machine learning. His research approach incorporates methodologies such as text classification, transformers, and feature extraction.

Research interest: Spam Email Detection, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Text Classification

Languages: Spanish, English


Phone: 987291000, Ext:5279